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Building a Classroom for Woodworking   -January-April 2007

The students under the direction of instructor Eddie Ross were able to take part in a new experience in woodworking this year.  They built a new classroom within the current woodworking shop area.  Starting with measurements, drawings, and planning they were exposed to many aspects of building.  From setting metal wall frames, observing wiring, dry wall application, sanding, priming and painting--they did it all.  All future woodworking students will benefit from their labor and skills when using the new classroom.  Great job!

  Woodworking Classroom

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Independent Work Project  --January-April, 2007
Student Makes Fishing Nets --Senior woodworking student Matt, took on  an independent project that "netted" fishing nets for himself and his father. This unique project required making a frame to shape the wood; gluing  thin strips of wood; sanding; staining; and many hours of labor.  Good luck fishing, Matt!

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Restoring the "Spirit" Drum in  Woodworking  --January, 2007
Chetara and Beth worked on the MSD "Spirit" drum for their class project.  After they took it apart they polished, sanded and painted and the were able to bring it back to life.





Beth and Chetara




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 Repair Projects in  Woodworking  --2007
Students completed many repair projects this school year.

Andy works on a chair leg.

Steven, Matt and Ryan work on stools.

Beth, Chetara and Andy add their labor.

EmmaLee repairs a wooden stool.

Matt and Steven work on a swivel chair.

Ryan, LaJuan and Andy learn the art of making frames.

Brian, LaJuan  and Jarrell restore the finish on the Eagle Nest's tables.

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Summer School in Woodworking- July 2006
Students and staff show off their woodworking projects from summer school.

A raised flower garden was a team project for the high school woodworking students during the summer school program.

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